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Edmund Wardle

Series Producer / Director

Camera Operator



DOB.  29/12/70  Age 45



Ed Wardle received a BAFTA nomination for Best Breakthrough Talent 2010



Series Editor, Summit Cameraman DISCOVERY CHANNEL 3 hour series with 90 minute live event

I was employed as consultant and series editor to make the first ever, live broadcast from the summit of Everest as American wing-suit flyer Joby Ogwyn jumped off the top of the world. As we prepared to climb, the worst ever disaster in mountaineering history saw 16 men die in a massive avalanche and Everest was closed to all climbers out of respect to the families of the dead.

'Everest Avalanche Tragedy' is a fast-turnaround 1 - hour documentary about the disaster, currently broadcasting on Discovery Channel. http://everestavalanchetragedy.com/

SHACKLETON - DEATH OR GLORY Raw Television Oct 2013
Series Producer and Expedition Cameraman, Narrator Ep 4 DISCOVERY CHANNELx 4 hour series

The greatest survival story ever told, Shackleton’s legendary boat journey and the crossing of South Georgia was successfully re-run in 2013. Embedded as expedition camera man I filmed across 800 miles of the roughest ocean on the planet in a 22-foot, wooden life-boat. In a team of six, wearing the same clothes, eating the same rations and navigating using the same equipment as Shackleton and his men a hundred years before we completed the tortuous journey from Elephant Island in Antarctica followed by the mountain traverse of South Georgia.

DEADLY SEAS Raw Television JUNE 2012
Series Producer DISCOVERY CHANNELxxxx                                               3 x one-hour series

Brand new Discovery Channel series exploring the worst possible conditions at sea with the fishermen and salvage operators who wage their skill and endurance against the forces of nature. We filmed in the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and the North Atlantic mid winter in search of the most extreme conditions on the planet.

NATURE'S WILD FEAST - HIPPO    Tigress Productions NOV 2011
Edit Producer CHANNEL 4 / Animal Planet                                               90 minute event
'The natural history event of the year' for Channel 4 Specialist Factual, I wrote and produced the edit over 2 weeks as the hippo was eaten in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. Presented by Mark Evans.
ALONE IN THE WILD Tigress Productions         TX SEPT 2009
Producer, Presenter, Camera CHANNEL 4 and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC xxxx            4 x one-hour series

Experimental television, adventure and pushing my limits are what I love best. For Alone In The Wild I survived 50 days and 50 nights, completely alone, in the wilderness of northern Canada, hunting and foraging for food and without communication. I spent a year developing and researching this project and I shot and presented 4 x one-hour films for Channel 4 and National Geographic Television also providing live content and photographs for both channel's web sites.

For Channel 4 - Ralph Lee and Tanya Shaw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFor National Geographic - Steve Burns



"This is Ray Mears and Bear Grylls with knobs on." The Sunday Times

"An absolutely compelling account of a man gradually pushing himself to the limit." London Lite

"Wardle comprehensively pisses on Bear Grylls’ campfire." On the Box

"...compelling account of solitary human endeavour..." Tom Cullen, Shortlist

"A grimly compelling meeting between extreme adventure and existential enquiry" London Lite

"...makes Bear Grylls look like Judith Chalmers. " The London Paper

"compelling" **** The Mail, Weekend


EVEREST BEYOND THE LIMIT  I, II, III Tigress Productions     2006, 2007, 2009
Series Producer, Summit Camera, Blog Writer THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL  xxxxXXXXXXxxxxxxxxXXxxx3 series



‘If the late great Sam Peckinpah had ever found himself on the Nepalese border, jacked up on Pepsi Max and hair metal, he might have made a documentary like Everest: Beyond the Limit… Like the best Peckinpah westerns it was also strangely beguiling and somehow shot through with an elegiac tone that balanced every moment of macho posturing with ominous intimations of mortality… The Wild Bunch go climbing and all the better for it!' Kevin Maher, The Times 06/02/0

‘"Beyond the Limit" is a stunning tour de force, easily the best documentary on Everest, perhaps the finest footage on climbing ever produced… Cinematically and thematically, it triumphs over anything captured on film or video about the mountain that has transfixed human imagination since it was first named the highest point on Earth more than a century ago…There are enough spectacular shots of the beauty and sweep of the mightiest mountain range on the planet to make you want to run out and get a big-screen HD television, but the real magic of "Beyond the Limit" is in the human stories.' David Whiting, US Mountaineer and Orange County Register columnist
‘strikingly filmed…' SH Telegraph 06/02/07
 ‘What goes up doesn't always come down.' Entertainment Weekly  - What to Watch: issue #907 Nov 17, 2006
‘“Put a plastic bag over your head and run up the stairs.” Or just watch “Everest.”' New York Times, November 14, 2006
‘There are many good reasons to watch high-definition television, but “Everest: Beyond the Limit” is not one… rife with peeling noses; scabrous, wind-reddened flesh; and purple, gangrenous toes. From a distance, Everest is magnificent. Up close, it is likely to put you off your feed.' Susan Stewart, New York Times, November 14, 2006
“Grimly compelling series… …stunningly shot … a treat for the eyes, it can also just as frequently, make for very uncomfortable viewing.” Choice Chris Riley The Times 27/02/07




‘Unstoppable Wave'     Darlow Smithson  TX Oct 2005
‘America's Tsunami – Are We Next'  BBC1 – 1hr, Discovery Networks                                      90min
Producer Director Operator (Digibeta)
We took thirty of the worlds leading scientists to explore three miles below the surface of the Indian Ocean and find out why the Boxing Day tsunami was so much bigger than they would have expected and what could happen next.
‘…eerily impressive… touching… chilling…' Last Nights TV, Ian Johns, The Times
‘A fascinating undersea detective mission…' Todays Highlights, Chris Riley The Daily Telegraph
Pick of the Day – Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun




‘Surviving The Wave – A Thailand Story'   Monkey Kingdom      TX April  2005
Producer Operator (DSR750)    BBC3                                                                                        60min
I worked as Producer Director on this personally presented story by Producer, Amanda Murray who was caught up in the Boxing Day tsunami disaster in Thailand. On a journey through the aftermath of the tragedy we meet the people left behind with nothing, struggling against corruption and opportunistic greed as their lives are torn from them.
‘remarkable documentary…' The Mail
‘powerful and heartbreaking…' The Times
‘this personal and poignant portrait…' Pick of the day across all channels Sun Times




‘The Haven’ Real Life Media TX Nov 2004
Series Producer Director Operator (DSR500) Channel 4                                                                           3 x one hours series
Observational series shot over four months in the world famous Findhorn alternative spiritual community on the remote north east coast of Scotland. Meditating, tree hugging and talking to plants are the norm.
‘A balanced and engaging portrait…’ Time Out
‘Intriguing look at an alternative way of life’ Mail on Sunday, Pick of The Day
‘Commendably neutral…’ The Guardian, Pick of the Day

‘Away With The Fairies’ The Sunday Times, Best of The Week Ahead




‘The Carrot Or The Stick’ RDF Media  TX 9pm Feb 2004
Series Producer Director Operator (DSR500)   Channel 4                                                                          3 x one hours series
I developed this ‘motivational experiment’ with fellow PD Matt Reid and spent a month in the mountains of Wales shooting twelve men learning to survive, competing and fighting for nothing more than pride. Broken bones, snapped tendons and more machismo than you can shake a carrot and stick at. I also narrated this series.
‘Very slick, very funny black hearted dollop of craziness… Deliciously warped.’ Ali Catterall, The Guardian
‘A reward in its self’ Victoria Segal, The Times
‘Makes Fight Club look like an Enid Blighton tennis match’ The Mail
‘The format is a winner…very amusing indeed’ Gerard O’Donovan Daily Telegraph




‘Masters and Servants’ RDF Media  TX Summer 2003
Producer Director Operator (DSR500)   Channel 4
Programme 1 in a series of 4. Clash of class and culture in a modern day ‘upstairs downstairs’ - following the conflicts and abuse of power, when two families become masters and live as servants in each other’s houses.  I helped to format this new prime time series, chose the contributors and made the first show in the series.
'This series possesses a razor-sharp edge' Charlie Catchpole, Express
'Horribly effective' Nancy Banks-Smith, Guardian
'Brilliant series' Rachel Roberts, The Sun




‘Farmer Wants A Wife’      Thames Television TX Spring 2004
Senior Producer Director Operator (DSR500).     ITV Network 2 x 1 Hours prime time ITV1
Second run of the hugely successful observational documentary series. I took over the role of series producer looking after a PD and AP. Dealing with ongoing ethical dilemmas, and ensuring the strength of the narratives being shot I provided a sounding board for the directors as well as shooting with my own group of contributors. We followed eleven characters over a six-month shoot and produced 2 x 1 hours.




‘Force 10 Rescue’    Ideal World    TX Jan 2003
Producer Director Operator (PD150)  BBC1 One Hour Special
Prime-time BBC1 one-hour documentary following the epic adventures of the crews of the coastguard rescue helicopters based on the north west coast of Scotland. I produced and directed this film, shooting on PD150 and directing a Digibeta crew.




‘Farmer Wants A Wife’    Pearson Television  TX Nov, Dec 2001
Producer Director Operator (DSR500) ITV Network Prime-time 8 x half-hour series
Observational documentary series following the fortunes of fifteen farmers and their partners as they try to find true love through Country Living Magazine's dating service. Developing relationships and maintaining access to film intimate moments and heart rending emotional tales. Answering to a series producer I shot for six months and was responsible for the final programme in the series.
*******BAFTA NOMINATED*******
‘If this aint quality entertainment god knows what is.’ The Guardian
‘Fascinating series… highly entertaining TV.’ Inside Soap
‘Compulsive TV… go tractor boys go!’ Heat
‘This is turning into Big Brother with farmers, and we like it!’ TV Times




'Bits'     Ideal World    TX: Spring 2001
Director      Channel 4 - 12 x half- hour
12 x half- hour, weekly, video games - news and reviews show presented by the inimitable trio - Bouff, Aleks and Emily, this is fast, creative and entertaining TV for 4 Later.  Part studio based, part location shoot, the programmes also include interviews and computer generated game play.  




'Car Wars II'       Mentorn     TX 2001
 TX: Spring 2001DV Director (PD150)    BBC112 x half hour series
Answering to a director and producer and working both with a crew and as a stand alone camera operator.  This observational series required me to create exciting, real life, TV working closely with the characters to discover their emotions and capturing the drama.  




'The Stand Comedy Club'   Colour TV TX: Spring 2001
 AP / DV Director (PD150 / DSR500)  BBC Choice 6 x half hour
Observational documentary series on 'The Stand' comedy club. The funniest stand up and the fiercest backstage battles among the celebrities at the Edinburgh Festival.  




'Chopper Coppers' Mentorn TX: Aug 2000
 AP/ DV Director (DSR500) Channel 5
Observational documentary compiling the most exciting stories from the Air Support Unit of North Yorkshire Police.  Answering to the director I worked alone filming on DSR500 and mini-cam equipment mounted in the helicopter.  I conducted interviews to complete each of the stories.




'A to Z of Scotland' GKCo TX: June 1999
AP / Sound Recordist Channel 4 - 5 x 4mins 
The director and I worked together to develop this idea into a successful series of 4 minute shorts for The Slot after Channel 4 News.  I also recorded SQN sound on this intensely creative production.



'The Great Balloon Race'  Gosh Films  TX: May 1999
Unit Director / 2nd Camera BBC1 ‘The Mission’
We followed five teams of balloonists in their attempts to circumnavigate the globe.  As Unit Director I worked independently with multiple crews to film interviews, launch site action and control room drama liasing with the director and producer.
Awards: Jules Vernes Grand Prix, Saint Hilaire, Film du Vol Grand Prix



'Underwater Cops' GKCo TX: Sept 1998
DV Director Discovery Networks ‘The Professionals' - 1 Hour
I filmed alone with the Strathclyde Police Underwater Unit for 1 month to gain confidence and to identify the main characters. I was then joined by a director for two weeks filming to produce this real life story of a very specialised team, their training and their often gruesome profession.



‘The Adventurer’  GKCo TX: Sept 1998
Unit Director  Channel 5
This one hour special about U.S. action man Steve Fossett followed his near fatal attempt to circumnavigate the globe by balloon.  I directed a Digibeta crew and shot on Mini-DV at the launch in Argentina and control centre in St Louis during his two week long flight.  I liased with the producer/director in the UK to organise international crews to film intercepts and his eventual rescue from The Great Barrier Reef.



‘Racing With The Wind’ GKCo TX: June 1998
AP / DV Camera Channel 4  ‘To The Ends Of The Earth' - 1 Hour
I fulfilled my role as AP from conception to completion taking on research, sound recording, camera and post production co-ordination.
Awards: Jules Vernes Grand Prix, Saint Hilaire, Film du Vol Grand Prix



‘Danger In The Jet Stream’  GKCo TX: June 1997
AP/ DV Camera / Sound Recordist  PBSNova        BBC ‘Horizon’
I recorded the majority of SQN sound in this film and shot second camera where required.
Awards: International TV Programming 1997



Education:      Scott Sutherland School of Architecture.           BSc Hons Architecture  



Skills and Qualifications

  • UK Passport
  • Clean driving license for car and motorcycle with offroad driving experience
  • Medic first aid, solo expedition and infant first aid
  • Hostile environment awareness training
  • Experienced with firearms use and safety procedures
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Competitive Freediver - 2 times UK Record holder
  • HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Certified and STCW95 Sea Survival Training 2013
  • Competent Equestrian
  • Experienced High Altitude Mountaineer  and Arctic Environment
  • RYA Coastal Skipper
References on request