Fearless Television
2016 WWW.FEARLESS.TV is live. Watch this space for the most exciting and ambitious events on television...
In November 2015 I'm filming environmentalist and explorer Tim Jarvis attempting to climb three mountains on the equator to raise awareness of climate change. He plans to climb Carstenz Pyramid in West Papua, Mt Stanley in Uganda and Chimborazo in Equador, all during the 12 days of the climate change conference in Paris.
  Summer 2015 I'm in South Africa with natural history camera man Doug Allan and Monty Halls chasing sardines and sharks for Discovery Channel.
Spring 2015 were launching our new production company, Fearless Television.

Fearless Television is a new, UK independent production company with a creative vision to make high quality, ambitious, factual programmes for the both UK and international markets.  


Autumn 2014 I'm in outer Mongolia filming a new series for Discovery.







Summer 2014 I'm training for a new Freedive record. I reached 110m in training - deeper than anyone in the UK.







I'm climbing Mount Everest with a man who wants to jump off the summit. I'll be back in June.




Autumn 2013 I'm preparing for a new expedition which will culminate in a two-hour live TX on Discovery in May 2014. I've just returned from Switzerland filming some close-proximity wing-suit-flying down the Eiger. Death on a stick, mind-blowing insanity. I love it!





Spring 2013 I'm in Antarctica to film one of the most the most extreme expeditions I've ever come across. I'll be embedded as expedition cameraman aboard the replica of the James Caird for The Shackleton Epic Expedition and then back to London to cut four episodes for Discovery Channel International.

'Shackleton - Death or Glory' goes out, October 2013 on Discovery Channel.


Winter 2012 I'm preparing for the World's Toughest Expedition. In December I'll join a team of 5 others in Antarctica, in an attempt to re-trace the legendary journey Shackleton and his men achieved in 1916. Our aim is to cross a thousand miles of the roughest ocean on the planet in a 23 foot wooden lifeboat and then traverse the mountains of South Georgia, all dressed in the same clothes and eating the same rations that Shackleton and his men had.

North Sea Clothing


I'm London based for the first half of 2012. Series Producing for RAW Television and Discovery Channel. Deadly Seas is a brand new series exploring the worst possible conditions in the deadliest seas in mid winter.

Currently developing 2 feature docs one already shot, one just waiting to be told.


October I'm in Zambia edit producing on site for Channel 4's 'Nature's Wild Feast - Hippo' TX Nov 7th

Hippo: Nature's Wild Feast this Monday, 7th November, 9pm on Channel 4. Watch highlights on http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hippo-natures-wild-feast/articles/live


June 2011 I set a new UK National Record in Freediving - I made a 'Constant Weight, No-Fins' dive to 55m. I joined the UK team for the AIDA World Championships in September and set the No-Fins national record again at 60m.
2011 This spring I'm developing some new ideas with National Geographic and Channel 4 and I'm putting some serious effort into my freediving so I'm basing myself in London and Egypt.
September 2010 I'm shooting a doc in Africa. A selected group of white farmers evicted by Mugabe from Zimbabwe are trying to kick start the commercial farming industry in Nigeria. Most interesting guys are the Fulani - nomadic tribesmen of Africa who know no borders.
August 2010 Baja, Mexico, 115 degrees Farenheit! . Covert filming of marine poachers in one of the worlds hottest drug cartel areas. Just when I thought we werent going to find anything someone stopped us at a petrol station and asked if we wanted to buy some turtle meat!
August 2010: I'm on Holiday in Syros, Greece training in No Fins Freediving with North American Champion, William Winram. Personal best 42m and counting...

MAY: Denali was ominous and every day looked like it would shut us down but after 2 genius weather calls from Eric Larssen and Dan Starr - 4.30pm on the 27th May we stood on the top of North America 6194m. I was filming for The Heroes Project, a veterans charity.

June: I'm in London developing ideas with National Geographic Channel 4 and the BBC.


April 2010: I'm excited that I've been nominated for a BAFTA in the 'Best Breakthrough Talent' category 2010. Don't know if I'm supposed to modestly wait for the result and keep quiet about it but I've told everyone and I can't sit still. Brilliant!

Next month I'm climbing Mount McKinley aka Denali, the highest mountain in North America. I've wanted to have a shot at Denali for a long time so I've trained hard over the winter and I'm almost ready to go. Its in Alaska near the arctic circle so its a cold one but fingers crossed we'll get the weather and I'll be back soon with a big grin and some great footage.

Jan 2010

January 2010: Ive been training hard over the winter and I'm in London working on some new ideas. 'Alone in the Wild' is shortlisted for the Broadcast Awards next week - its up against some great programmes in the 'Best New Programme' category - fingers crossed!

On the 31st I'm flying out to Washington and National Geographic HQ.


June to September 2009 I will be 'Alone in the Wild'. I am planning to spend three months completely alone, without human contact, living off the land in the wilderness of northern Canada near the Yukon / Alaska border. I will film a three part series for Channel 4 and National Geographic. You can find out where I am from the 3rd of July onwards by clicking on the Spot logo or go to the Channel 4 or National Geographic 'Alone In The Wild' web sites. I will also be sending daily updates on Twitter at Channel 4 (AloneInTheWild).


An adventurer will be left in the Canadian wilderness for 12 weeks with nothing but a backpack to make the latest extreme reality show.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/cultu renews/5543588/Adventurer-to-be-dropped- in-Canadian-wilderness-for-12-weeks.html


March - June 09 - Everest Beyond The Limit Season III, The Discovery Channel

I'm in Kathmandu until the 26th March then on to Everest, South Side. I'm hoping for an early summit around the 10th May and all going well, I'll be returning to the UK beginning of June.

Best of luck to everyone!


February 2009 - Everest Beyond The Limit Season III, The Discovery Channel

I'm in training for Everest Spring season 2009 which kicks off in Katmandhu at the end of March and all going well, will head for the summit in May. This year I'm filming on the south side of Everest in Nepal following two teams - Himex led by expedition leader Russell Brice and IMG led by Eric Simonson.


December 2008 - Mount Kenya

Im climbing on Mount Kenya, East Africa from the 14 December until the 12th January. Merry Christmas!


October 2008 - The South Pole

I'm preparing for a 600 mile race to the South Pole in December and January. In July 2009 I'm filming a new series for Channel 4 - this time in front of the camera.





June 2008 - The Yukon

I'm shooting a pilot for an exciting new series for Channel 4 in the Yukon, Northern Territories, Canada and will be back in London on the 23rd June.





May 2008 - The North Pole

In April 2008 I was assigned to film an expedition to the Geographic North Pole led by Norwegian explorer Rune Gjeldnes and British explorer David Hempleman Adams.

I'm now back in London developing ideas and I have projects under consideration with Channel 4, ITV and the BBC.