Everest I

‘Everest – Beyond The Limit'

‘Everest – The Deadliest Climb'

now in its third series

******RTS Special Jury Prize for Innovation and Technical Achievement 2009******

*******2007 Online Journalism Award ‘Outstanding Use of Digital Media'*******



“Grimly compelling series… …stunningly shot … a treat for the eyes, it can also just as frequently, make for very uncomfortable viewing.” Choice Chris Riley The Times 27/02/07

‘strikingly filmed…'SH Telegraph 06/02/07

‘What goes up does not always come down.' Entertainment Weekly - What to Watch: issue #907 Nov 17, 2006

‘“Put a plastic bag over your head and run up the stairs.” Or just watch “Everest.”' New York Times, November 14, 2006

‘There are many good reasons to watch high-definition television, but “Everest: Beyond the Limit” is not one… rife with peeling noses; scabrous, wind-reddened flesh; and purple, gangrenous toes. From a distance, Everest is magnificent. Up close, it is likely to put you off your feed.' Susan Stewart, New York Times, November 14, 2006

‘If the late great Sam Peckinpah had ever found himself on the Nepalese border, jacked up on Pepsi Max and hair metal, he might have made a documentary like Everest: Beyond the Limit… Like the best Peckinpah westerns it was also strangely beguiling and somehow shot through with an elegiac tone that balanced every moment of macho posturing with ominous intimations of mortality… The Wild Bunch go climbing and all the better for it!' Kevin Maher, The Times 06/02/07

‘"Beyond the Limit" is a stunning tour de force, easily the best documentary on Everest, perhaps the finest footage on climbing ever produced… Cinematically and thematically, it triumphs over anything captured on film or video about the mountain that has transfixed human imagination since it was first named the highest point on Earth more than a century ago…There are enough spectacular shots of the beauty and sweep of the mightiest mountain range on the planet to make you want to run out and get a big-screen HD television, but the real magic of "Beyond the Limit" is in the human stories.' David Whiting, US Mountaineer and Orange County Register columnist



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